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Today companies experience many dangers of cyber-crime and data theft in the digital sphere which plays a big role in the security of the company. As technology progresses, so will the possible adverse effects of the internet as well. With the business’s reliance on digital technology that continues to become a more and more significant part of the company’s operation, the risk of cyber-attacks increases continuously as data breaches.

Our Mission: Protection of your digital assets from Cyber Attacks

In the cyber world, it is cyber insurance that has a major role to play. At we have made it our mission to offer cyber insurance solutions that are personalized to each business that seeks our services and protects them against as many cybersecurity risks as possible. Whether for data breaches or ransomware attacks, our policies are made to help you counter the effects, let it be a repellent from financial damage or a defendant of your reputation. In this blog, we will cover the types of cyber risks our insurance covers and how you can easily acquire cyber insurance via

Tailored cyber insurance solutions is a German e-commerce platform, which is dedicated to offering cyber insurance services for businesses and freelancers. As we stand for over 30 years on the market, our platform is ready to provide all the necessary insurance coverage protecting against data and cyber risks. Our site is tailored to the needs of the German-speaking audience and promotes cyber insurance for businesses of all types and sizes within different industries. We offer our knowledge in applications online and a wide range of coverage options, including liability and own damage. In the times when cyber threats become more sophisticated and data breaches are happening more and more often, is the safeguard for your digital assets.

What sets us apart distinguishes by its specialization in insurance concepts design since 1990. With almost 35 years of experience in this industry, has a mature understanding of the growing cyber environment and the challenges the business faces today. The knowledge of actuaries is used to make insurance plans which are tailored to each customer’s needs.

Comprehensive Coverage Options

The primary advantage of purchasing a cyber insurance policy from is the fact that they offer very broad coverage options. From liability insurance to coverage for damage, KuV24-cyber offers various products to make sure companies are protected on all fronts. This all-encompassing insurance package provided by is what separates the company from other insurers in the industry.

Safeguard your business from data and cyber dangers, whether remote or on-premise.

In the present digital environment, the possibility of cyber attacks today is higher than ever. Businesses no matter their size or type become potential points of entry for these threats, so to be adequately covered with business insurance is a must. knows that cyber insurance is critical and gives a 100% commitment to keeping businesses safe.

Universal Online Applications portal

Offers accessible and convenient online application portal for insurance companies globally. It does not matter what category of a business you belong to whether it is a small scale business, large business or self employed like in case of freelancing, providers of KuV24 can offer the right cyber security insurance solutions that your business deserves.

Why choose us

  1. Offer your business comprehensive protection against data breaches, network disruptions, and other cyber risks.
  2. Founded in 1990, the company has developed a deep knowledge of insurance concepts.
  3. Broad-spectrum coverage solutions for enterprises of varying scales and every industry type.
  4. Specialized insurance portal on the net with internet access applications.
  5. Bring in a point to remind how essential cyber insurance is in the current digital era.


  1. Who among’s customer base comprises cyber insurance beneficiaries?

Cyber coverage of any business, big or small, company or institution, will be sure to get covered with us – It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or a large corporation; ensuring your data and cyber risks is a must in today’s virtual era.

  • How does customize insurance policies with the mission of cyber and data risk protection of companies? makes sure that the insurance portfolios are designed with the specific needs of the companies in mind only about cyber risks. Through collaboration with clients, assessing their exact difficulties, and creating customized insurance plans, tries to reduce the risk of damages if something happens.

  • What about whether freelancers will buy cyber insurance from

Yes, freelancers can as easily purchase cyber insurance via the website as everybody else. It is crucial that those who are self-employed strongly guard their interests against cyber danger that could adversely affect the business or your reputation. also provides specialization insurance products for freelancers.

  • How many kinds of cyber risks does the insurance cover?

Cyber insurance purchased at covers all kinds of cyber risks, including data breaches, electronic theft, network security breaches, businesses being interrupted due to fear of cyber attacks, the cost of lawyers as a result of security breaching, and so on.

  • How do I subscribe to KuV24’s cyber insurance through

You will be able to apply for cyber insurance on this platform by visiting its website and filling out a form available there. Alternatively, there is a possibility of reaching the customer service of the company for application process support. After insurance brokers who since 1990 developed cyber insurance products and are unique insurance portals for online applications, you can be sure that they offer you a complete set of coverage for cyber risks coverage options for your business.


Finally, is an ideal solution for companies that seek to build safety against cyber threats. The vision of is to educate and advise businesses on the relevant cyber insurance solutions they can take to avoid unexpected financial losses due to cyber breaches. Time doesn’t wait – safeguard your business at all times with the services of here and now.

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